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  • Workshop Lighting – Power

    Powering your LED lights is as simple as attaching a 12V power source and basking in their cold white glow. Powering your LED lights and getting the most out of them is a little harder though and will require some calculations and experimentation.

  • Workshop Lighting – LED Ribbon

    Workshop Lighting – LED Ribbon

    This is the second article on fitting and LED lighting solution in my workshop. The first article covered the light levels that I’m hoping to achieve. This article discusses LED ribbon which is a both cheap and easy to work with.

  • Workshop Lighting – Light Levels

    Workshop Lighting – Light Levels

    Over the last year I’ve been slowly building and outfitting my home workshop. The wiring is now done so it’s time to fit the lighting. My aim for the lighting is to bathe the whole shop in a cool white LED light which is also bright enough for filming. This is the first of a series…