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  • Simple LED Cube – Part 3

    Simple LED Cube – Part 3

    The previous two articles have covered the basics of LED theory and gone into some of the maths behind designing the circuit that will power and LED. This article covers more complex arrangements of LEDs and the design of our LED cube.

  • Simple LED Cube – Part 2

    Simple LED Cube – Part 2

    The first part of this guide talked a little about the project and gave a bit of an introduction to LEDs. This part discusses the use of LED’s in more detail with a little simple maths which can be used to determine how to power your latest LED creation.

  • Simple LED Cube – Part 1

    Simple LED Cube – Part 1

    Recently, despite having dozens of other interests and things to do, I’ve been finding myself getting into electronics. I don’t suppose this will become an all consuming passion but I’d like to get to the point where I can build and analyze a simple circuit. Ever since I was at school (which was a long…