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  • LED Array Lamp Part 1

    I’ve wanted to play with individually addressable LED’s for ages and I’ve finally got around to buying some so it’s time to go it. For this project I’ve decided to build a 16×16 array of LED strips based around the common WS2812B chip. Power Since I’ll have a 16×16 array of LED’s the total count will…

  • Project Bandsaw – Parts and Costs

    Below is a list of what I used and where I bought it from. Costing is always difficult; items that I know I’ll probably use in the future (nuts and bolts, etc) I’ll often buy more than I need and, of course, I have some items in the workshop already because of previous projects. I’ve…

  • Project Bandsaw – Suppliers

    I thought it would be useful to compile a quick list of potential suppliers for this project. I didn’t necessarily buy from any of these places they just sold things that looked like they might be useful in the build. My current aim is to keep a list of all the things I use and…

  • Project Bandsaw – Planning

    Why? There’s a bandsaw shaped hole in my workshop and it needs filling. Why Build Your Own? Why not? Buying a commercial bandsaw is certainly easier and by the time I’ve finished this project it would probably be cheaper as well but this is about having fun. As long as I get a machine out…

  • Building a Custom Sink Cabinet

    Building a Custom Sink Cabinet

    Something I’ve always wanted for my workshop was a sink I could call my own. For years I’ve made do with a bottle of water and a bucket or, if more water was needed, going down to the kitchen to use the sink there. I managed to lay my hands on a free stainless steel…

  • Router Table Coping Sled

    Router Table Coping Sled

    To my mind one of the most useful jigs you can build for your router table is a coping sled. With a coping sled and a matched pair of cutters you can quickly and easily make elegant joints that would otherwise be very labour intensive. 

  • Almost Free Router Table

    Almost Free Router Table

    About two years ago I found myself in need of a router table but without the inclination to buy one of the commercially made variety. I set myself the task of trying to make an almost free router table from the items I had lying around the house. This article shows the end result of…

  • Easy Childrens Easel

    Easy Childrens Easel

    Christmas is coming and that means it’s time to get into the shop and build something for the kids. I like to try and build them something every year, and this year it’s going to be an easel for painting and drawing.

  • Recycled Sash Weights

    Recycled Sash Weights

    As I’ve mentioned in other posts I’ve been making some sash windows over the last few months and the time has come to start hanging the sashes which requires sash weights. Due to a design time miscalculation of the weights of the windows I only bought about half the sash weights that I needed – I…

  • BioShock Inspired Letter Rack

    BioShock Inspired Letter Rack

    I’ve recently been playing BioShock Infinite and enjoying the Art Deco architecture and I thought I’d make something that would look at home in the game. As I had a few scraps of timber left over from another job I thought I’d use those to make a letter rack.

  • Hand Made Aluminium T-Nuts

    Hand Made Aluminium T-Nuts

    I recently installed a t-track into my router wardrobe table and quickly discovered that I didn’t have enough t-nuts to do anything useful. I vaguely remember buying some t-nuts with the track but that was a while ago and time seems to have ensured that all but one has gone missing. What more excuse do…

  • Hand Carved Decorative Molding

    Hand Carved Decorative Molding

    Recently in the workshop I’ve been making sash windows for an extension we are having built. I haven’t documented the process yet as I have more windows still to build but I thought I’d capture one small aspect now – hand carving the decorative molding on the bottom of the stiles.

  • Festool Hose Adaptor

    Festool Hose Adaptor

    I recently bought myself a Festool ETS EC 150/5 random orbital sander (ROS) as I needed something to help hide my mistakes sand my excellent quality finished pieces to bring out their true inner beauty. Either way, one of my reasons for splashing out on the green rather than a lesser brand was because of their (deserved IMHO)…

  • Simple and Cheap Corner Clamps

    Simple and Cheap Corner Clamps

    Corner clamps (also known as mitre clamps, angle clamps and various other variations on a theme) are really useful where you have a large structure that is difficult to keep square while under construction. I built these clamps to help with some sash window frames I was building.

  • Homemade Scaffolding Tower – Part 8

    Homemade Scaffolding Tower – Part 8

    In the previous part I built a dolly system for moving the scaffolding around and fitted clips to the ends of the working platform to stop it sliding out. In this final part of the main series I’ll fit the guardrail system and build a lifting mechanism to get the scaffold up on to the…