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  • Axminster ED16B2 Pillar Drill Review

    Axminster ED16B2 Pillar Drill Review

    I recently bought an Axminster ED16B2 pillar drill and I thought I would bang out a quick review for anyone else interested in getting one of these drills. It seems since I wrote this article Axminster have stopped selling this exact model but it’s a fair bet that the Axminster Trade pillar drills are identical other…

  • Bosch PMF180 Review

    Bosch PMF180 Review

    As I’ve owned a Bosch PMF 180 E Multifunction Tool for a few years now I thought it was about time to give it a review. I have to admit that the reason it’s getting a review now is because I want to have a rant about one aspect of the tool which is absolute rubbish.…

  • Draper 7lb Hickory Shaft Sledge Hammer

    Draper 7lb Hickory Shaft Sledge Hammer

    Now you might be wondering how someone could do a review of a hammer. It’s a pretty simple device after, all it goes up and down and things underneath it get broken (or occasionally hammered in). Well this review is about a hammer but it’s mostly about the customer service at Draper. You see up until…

  • Arrow TR550 Review

    Arrow TR550 Review

    In order to complete the LED Cube project I’ve been working on I decided I needed a glue gun to hold the LED’s in place. I could probably have used epoxy or even silicon sealant as there was no real weight to hold but I never miss the opportunity to buy a new tool.