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  • Wyvern – Routing Aluminium – Day 14

    Wyvern – Routing Aluminium – Day 14

    Before I got all carried away and did something all unnecessary, like spend money, I thought I should try hand routing some aluminium. The compound table is only £100 but that’s £100 I wouldn’t have to spend on something else in the build which is already costing too much anyway – why do I always…

  • Wyvern – Routing Aluminium – Day 13

    Wyvern – Routing Aluminium – Day 13

    For the last few days I’ve mostly just been doing research into how I’ll actually build the frame and the rest of the machine. I found a really cheap welder (stock clearance) which I almost bought but I’m glad I didn’t now. As I mentioned in the last update I decided to weld some of…

  • Router Table Coping Sled

    Router Table Coping Sled

    To my mind one of the most useful jigs you can build for your router table is a coping sled. With a coping sled and a matched pair of cutters you can quickly and easily make elegant joints that would otherwise be very labour intensive. 

  • Almost Free Router Table

    Almost Free Router Table

    About two years ago I found myself in need of a router table but without the inclination to buy one of the commercially made variety. I set myself the task of trying to make an almost free router table from the items I had lying around the house. This article shows the end result of…