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  • Router Table Coping Sled

    Router Table Coping Sled

    To my mind one of the most useful jigs you can build for your router table is a coping sled. With a coping sled and a matched pair of cutters you can quickly and easily make elegant joints that would otherwise be very labour intensive. 

  • Festool Domino Sighting Adjustment

    Festool Domino Sighting Adjustment

    The Festool Domino is probably the best tool I own. It’s insanely expensive but when you’ve got to join to pieces of wood together with a good looking strong joint there’s few better ways. In this article I correct an issue I’ve been having by performing a Domino sighting adjustment.

  • Pfeil Tools and the Sheffield List

    Pfeil Tools and the Sheffield List

    Pfeil tools are very popular amongst woodcarvers but their numbering system differs from the widely used Sheffield List. The first few chisels are numbered in a similar way to the Sheffield List but after that it starts to deviate more substantially. In this article I attempt to match up the Pfeil numbering system with the…

  • Woodcarving Tool Retailers

    Woodcarving Tool Retailers

    There are a lot of woodcarving tool retailers on-line so it’s easy to get lost in a sea of choices. I thought it would be helpful to put together a list of retailers that I’ve used or occasionally that I know people have used and are happy with. None of the retailers on this page have paid for…

  • Woodcarving Tools Numbering – Sheffield List

    Woodcarving Tools Numbering – Sheffield List

    One of the first things a newcomer to carving will come across is the notation used to describe tools which will typically look something like this: #6 10mm. To a beginner this can be quite daunting, it doesn’t seem to be enough information to specify the tool. Fortunately with a little knowledge of the Sheffield List…

  • Hand Made Aluminium T-Nuts

    Hand Made Aluminium T-Nuts

    I recently installed a t-track into my router wardrobe table and quickly discovered that I didn’t have enough t-nuts to do anything useful. I vaguely remember buying some t-nuts with the track but that was a while ago and time seems to have ensured that all but one has gone missing. What more excuse do…

  • Simple and Cheap Corner Clamps

    Simple and Cheap Corner Clamps

    Corner clamps (also known as mitre clamps, angle clamps and various other variations on a theme) are really useful where you have a large structure that is difficult to keep square while under construction. I built these clamps to help with some sash window frames I was building.