Woodcarving Tool Retailers

There are a lot of woodcarving tool retailers on-line so it’s easy to get lost in a sea of choices. I thought it would be helpful to put together a list of retailers that I’ve used or occasionally that I know people have used and are happy with. None of the retailers on this page have paid for placement and I am not affiliated with any of them in anyway other than as a customer.

As this list is specifically about woodcarving tool retailers I thought it would be useful to list what ranges each stocks. The ranges stocked may change over time so if you see a mistake please let me know in the comments below.

Note to retailers: if you would like a listing here please leave a comment below. I won’t promise to list  you but I will check out your store.

Axminster Tools & Machinery

Stocks: Axminster, Flexcut, Kirschen and small amounts of others.

One of the biggest tool retailers on the web, I’ve used them for many years and have always had excellent service. Prices are not as good as they used to be and the same items can often be picked up cheaper elsewhere. A good place for your first woodcarving tool purchase.

Classic Hand Tools

Stocks: Auriou (Chris Pye), Pfeil, Robert Sorby and other equipment

A very good range of woodcarving tools.


Stock: Pfeil, DICK, Sonstige and a limited range of others.

This is German tool retailer that ships to the whole of Europe. They stock an excellent range and prices are generally good. Shipping time to the UK is normally a few days.

G & S Specialist Timber

Stocks: Pfeil

I’ve not personally used this company but they stock an excellent range of tools and other items for the carver including wood. Prices for chisels are very competitive, probably the best around.


Stocks: Pfeil, Stubai and various others.

One of the biggest tool retails in the UK, I’ve used them a couple of times in the past. Their prices are rarely competitive but they do tend to hold more stock than most although when it comes to chisels that means a limited range. While I’ve never had a problem with them I’ve heard no shortage of tails of woe especially with returns.

The Tool Post

Stocks: Robert Sorby, Flex Cut


Stocks: Pfeil

A great range of products hidden behind a badly laid out website. Prices are generally about average and they stock a good range. Annoyingly they only seem to show prices excluding VAT and make you add together prices for options on chisels.


Stocks: Stubai (but read below)

I’ve not personally used this company but they have a wide range of woodcarving tools on offer. They don’t actually say anywhere that they stock Stubai tools but all the images show Stubai.

Tool Nut

Stocks: Henry Taylor, Ashley Iles and other equipment

Workshop Heaven

Stocks: Ashley Iles

It’s hard to beat Workshop Heaven for customer service, if you have a question give them a ring and it’s sure to be answered. They have a reputation for only stocking quality tools and the prices are generally about middle of the field.