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  • LED Array Lamp Part 5

    In the previous a part of this series I gave an overview of the lamp. In this part I’ll get to the point where it’s possible to write to the LED’s. This won’t be the final form of the LED but it’ll be good for testing that it’s electrically correct. Installing Additional Software The plan…

  • LED Array Lamp Part 4

    I’m going to start this article with photographs of the built lamp as there’s no way I’m taking it apart again for continuity. I think it’s also useful to see that it’s almost identical to what I showed at the end of the previous part. These are the interesting bits, towards the bottom left there’s…

  • LED Array Lamp Part 3

    In part 2 I got just a handful of LED’s running directly from the Raspberry Pi. That’s a little bit risky so in this article I’ll look at some other options for powering the LED’s. Firstly… It bugged me that the pixels would keep displaying the last state when I shut the application down (killed…

  • LED Array Lamp Part 2

    As I mentioned at the end of the last part of this series I got the lamp to the point where it was built and I’d started testing but then gave up on the project. At this point I can’t even remember how to light one of the LED’s from the Pi so it’s time…

  • Workshop Lighting – Cable

    Understanding Cable Markings Cable from a laptop power supply supplying 12Vdc at 2A over 1 meter. Text on the cable: E157914 PRIMAX RU AWM 1185 80 degC 300V VW-1 CSA LL110529 AWM I A/B 80 degC 300V 18AWG FT1 LM The text on the cable tells us a lot about the cable but most of…

  • Workshop Lighting – Power

    Powering your LED lights is as simple as attaching a 12V power source and basking in their cold white glow. Powering your LED lights and getting the most out of them is a little harder though and will require some calculations and experimentation.

  • LED Lamp Projector Upgrade – Optoma HD70

    Spurred on by my success with the cBright XG2 lamp bypass surgery I decided to have a go at doing the same for the Optoma HD70 I own. This projector is about 5 years younger than the XG2 and is native 720p so from my point of view this is a much more appealing conversion…

  • LED Array Lamp Part 1

    I’ve wanted to play with individually addressable LED’s for ages and I’ve finally got around to buying some so it’s time to go it. For this project I’ve decided to build a 16×16 array of LED strips based around the common WS2812B chip. Power Since I’ll have a 16×16 array of LED’s the total count will…

  • Workshop Lighting – LED Ribbon

    Workshop Lighting – LED Ribbon

    This is the second article on fitting and LED lighting solution in my workshop. The first article covered the light levels that I’m hoping to achieve. This article discusses LED ribbon which is a both cheap and easy to work with.

  • Workshop Lighting – Light Levels

    Workshop Lighting – Light Levels

    Over the last year I’ve been slowly building and outfitting my home workshop. The wiring is now done so it’s time to fit the lighting. My aim for the lighting is to bathe the whole shop in a cool white LED light which is also bright enough for filming. This is the first of a series…

  • Simple LED Cube – Part 3

    Simple LED Cube – Part 3

    The previous two articles have covered the basics of LED theory and gone into some of the maths behind designing the circuit that will power and LED. This article covers more complex arrangements of LEDs and the design of our LED cube.

  • Simple LED Cube – Part 2

    Simple LED Cube – Part 2

    The first part of this guide talked a little about the project and gave a bit of an introduction to LEDs. This part discusses the use of LED’s in more detail with a little simple maths which can be used to determine how to power your latest LED creation.

  • Simple LED Cube – Part 1

    Simple LED Cube – Part 1

    Recently, despite having dozens of other interests and things to do, I’ve been finding myself getting into electronics. I don’t suppose this will become an all consuming passion but I’d like to get to the point where I can build and analyze a simple circuit. Ever since I was at school (which was a long…