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Homemade Scaffolding Tower – Pa...


In the previous part I built a dolly system for moving the scaffolding around and fitted clips to the ends of the working platform to stop it sliding out. In this final part of the main series I’ll fit the guardrail system and build a lifting mechanism to get the scaffold up on to the […]

Homemade Scaffolding Tower – Pa...


In part six of this series on building a homemade scaffolding tower I built the platform and had a test climb of the tower. In this part I build and install the dolly system to move the tower and fit clips to the end of the platform.

Homemade Scaffolding Tower – Pa...


In part five of this series I joined the long sides together by fitting the rungs and then added some additional bracing at the bottom of the tower to stop it twisting. In this part I build and fit the platform and have a test climb.

Homemade Scaffolding Tower – Pa...


In part four of this series I completed the long sides of the scaffolding tower. In this part I’ll build the shorter sides which provide the rungs which are used to climb the tower and support the platform.

Homemade Scaffolding Tower – Pa...


In part three I prepared the legs, made some jigs and cut the rung sockets. In this part I will attach the stretchers and cross bracing thus completing one side.

Homemade Scaffolding Tower – Pa...


In part two of this series I looked at some calculations and drew up a parts list. In this part I will start the build by constructing the sides of the tower.

Homemade Scaffolding Tower – Pa...

Homemade Scaffolding

In part one of this series on making your own homemade scaffolding tower I discussed the research and design aspects of building the tower. In part two I perform a few quick calculations to prove the platform will be strong enough and put together a parts list for the material purchase.

Homemade Scaffolding Tower – Pa...

Homemade Scaffolding

A few months ago I was faced with the challenge of taking down an old extension before it fell down on it’s own. Although I’ve tackled small building projects before, like fitting a new doorway or building an internal wall, this was the first time I was tackling a project that you could really call […]

Repairing a Window Sill – Part 5

Window Sill Repair 49

In the fourth part of this series on repairing a window sill I got to the point where I had mostly finished the replacement part for the outer lining. In this final instalment in the series I tidy up the sill, fit the outer lining repair and tidy things up.

Removing Paint from the Carpet

Removing paint from the carpet

After spending literally years doing up our tumble-down old house we are finally getting to the point where we are laying carpet and putting the last coats of paint on some rooms. Like a complete DIY noob’ though I managed to get a spot of paint on one of our new carpets and here’s how […]