Abus E20 Nickel Plate Half Cylinder – Mystery Lock

I bought this lock as part of a job lot of snapped euro cylinders. All of them came with keys but none of them came with any information and it turns out cylinders don’t seem to have markings telling you what model they are. Two photos below show what little information I have to go on.

The text says ABUS D58292 Wetter and then A1DUO. The first part is the manufacturer and the address of the head office in Germany. Searching for A1DUO turns up nothing of any use.

The keyway on this looks to be absolute murder which makes me think it’s a fairly high security model. Searching around for higher security Abus locks I came across the Abus E series which has a very similar looking keyways. The image below is from a screen capture of a Bosnian Bill video where he picks an E60.

The keyway on mine is very slightly different in so much as some of the warding has a subtly different profile. The BosnianBill video is here. There is also a video from Lock Noob. I noticed on both of those videos that the locks had drill protection and the extra engraving on the front.

Some more digging turned up this video from Lock Fumbler. I noticed the front is the same as mine, with just Abus engraved on it, and there is no drill protection. Comparing the keyway side by side shows it’s identical.

Most interestingly though I caught a slight glance at the side of the lock. It looks very much like it has A1DUO engraved on the side. Unfortunately, this was the best screen shot I could get.

I found Lock Fumbler on a lock picking forum and asked them if they thought it was an E20 and they agreed it almost certainly was. They are an experienced black belt picker so that’s good enough for me. Time to get picking I suppose.