Planting in 2024

This is a list of all the vegetables (and maybe a few other plants) for 2024. Mostly this is for my own reference but you might be interested to see when I plant things. I live in the UK and my last frost date is between 10th and 20th March for my home site.

I’m writing this on the 5th March and we had a fairly solid frost last night but I’m not sure it made it all the way to the garden. Our garden is very well sheltered and I would guess it’s probably frost free already.


Nothing was planted. I should have started this years chillies butit never happened.


19th – Sweet potatoes, 14 halves, went into water to hopefully grow some slips. Chillies were planted, and put on the propagator. At least 20 ghost and 10 each of sparkler and fairy lights.

22nd – 30 Rocket seed potatoes were set to chit.

29th – Mung beans were planted for indoor growing.


1st – Onion sets were planted in seed trays. Cress, mustard, micro greens and pea shoots were planted for indoor growing.

2nd – Garlic was planted in seed trays.

3rd – Silverskin onions were planted in small module trays.

4th – Tomatoes were planted. At least 20 gardeners delight seeds and 10 purple Cherokee.

5th – 100 pea seeds were planted outside (should probably have been planted earlier). Lettuces, 10 Tom Thumb, 10 Lollo Rossa, 5, Oak Leaf Smile, 5 Little Gem, 5 Frisee de Beauregard, 5 Salad Bowl Red.

6th – 80 Sweetcorn, 20 popcorn. 20 french bean, 20 kohl rabbi.

13th – Harvested the mung beans planted on the 29th Feb.

15th – 8 Urhiki Kuri squash and 10 butternut squash. The butternut squash aren’t on the planting plan but I had space and some old seed so we’ll see what happens.

Essentially everything has germinated now and it’s been warm enough that almost everything is now outside in the cold frame (even the tomatoes). The tom thumb lettuces are an almost total failure. Only one or two of maybe 30 seeds germinated. The seed was a little old but that is quite a surprise. All the other lettuces are doing well. The onion sets desperately need to go into the ground.