What We’re Growing in 2024

We’re growing much more this year than we have in previous years thanks to some extra ground becoming available to us. I was trying to keep everything in my head but it quickly became apparent that wasn’t going to work… so I made a spreadsheet. The table below is an extract from that spreadsheet. Totalling up the plant count column tells me I’ll be growing around 1500 plants this year (assuming everything goes to plan).

Approx. Plant Count
BeanFrench Dwarf – Berggold£0.009
BeanFrench Dwarf – Ferrari£0.001 pkt6
BroccoliGreen Calabrese£0.008
Brussels SproutLong Island£0.0020
CabbageKalibro F1£0.006
CabbagePrimo II£0.0010
CarrotNantes 5£0.00175
CarrotRoyal Chantenay 3£0.0060
CeleryVictoria F1£2.201 pkt6
ChilliBhut Jolokia (Ghost)£0.006
ChilliFairy Lights£0.004
CucumberLa Diva£0.006
GarlicSolent White£8.494 bulbs42
GooseberryHinnomaki Green£0.001
Kohl RabiAzure Star£0.0012
LettuceFrisee de Beauregard£0.0020
LettuceLittle Gem£0.0020
LettuceLollo Rossa£1.601 pkt20
LettuceOakleaf Smile£2.301 pkt20
LettuceTom Thumb£0.0020
Onion(Silverskin) De Paris£1.651 pkt125
OnionSpring Onion – White Lisbon£4.001 pkt (large)200
ParsnipWhite Gem£0.0060
PeaSugar Snap£0.00100
PotatoDesiree£2.991 kg16
PotatoMaris Piper£11.964*1kg34
SquashUchiki Kuri£0.008
SweetcornPopcorn Robust£0.0016
SweetcornIncredible F1£4.402 pkt77
Sweet PotatoCovington£1.191 bag50
TomatoGardeners Delight£0.0012
TomatoPurple Cherokee£0.002

Note to self: Don’t update this table! Just copy it from the master spreadsheet.


A cost note of magazine means the seed came from seeds included with a magazine. We only buy magazines occasionally but they still manage to keep us stocked up on some seed types.

A cost note of stock means I bought seed left over from a previous year. Not the greatest accounting practice maybe but I count the full cost in the year I buy it.

A cost note of saved means I’ve saved seed from a previous year. I’ve tried to record where I originally got the seed from.

Where: H = Home with additional information: (G) = Garden, (T) = Tub, (GB) = Grow Bag, (Bu) = Bucket, (Bi) = Bin. S = Other Location.