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  • Homemade Scaffolding Tower – Part 6

    Homemade Scaffolding Tower – Part 6

    In part five of this series I joined the long sides together by fitting the rungs and then added some additional bracing at the bottom of the tower to stop it twisting. In this part I build and fit the platform and have a test climb.

  • Homemade Scaffolding Tower – Part 5

    Homemade Scaffolding Tower – Part 5

    In part four of this series I completed the long sides of the scaffolding tower. In this part I’ll build the shorter sides which provide the rungs which are used to climb the tower and support the platform.

  • Homemade Scaffolding Tower – Part 4

    Homemade Scaffolding Tower – Part 4

    In part three I prepared the legs, made some jigs and cut the rung sockets. In this part I will attach the stretchers and cross bracing thus completing one side.

  • Homemade Scaffolding Tower – Part 3

    Homemade Scaffolding Tower – Part 3

    In part two of this series I looked at some calculations and drew up a parts list. In this part I will start the build by constructing the sides of the tower.

  • Homemade Scaffolding Tower – Part 2

    Homemade Scaffolding Tower – Part 2

    In part one of this series on making your own homemade scaffolding tower I discussed the research and design aspects of building the tower. In part two I perform a few quick calculations to prove the platform will be strong enough and put together a parts list for the material purchase.

  • Homemade Scaffolding Tower – Part 1

    Homemade Scaffolding Tower – Part 1

    A few months ago I was faced with the challenge of taking down an old extension before it fell down on it’s own. Although I’ve tackled small building projects before, like fitting a new doorway or building an internal wall, this was the first time I was tackling a project that you could really call…

  • Simple LED Cube – Part 3

    Simple LED Cube – Part 3

    The previous two articles have covered the basics of LED theory and gone into some of the maths behind designing the circuit that will power and LED. This article covers more complex arrangements of LEDs and the design of our LED cube.

  • Simple LED Cube – Part 2

    Simple LED Cube – Part 2

    The first part of this guide talked a little about the project and gave a bit of an introduction to LEDs. This part discusses the use of LED’s in more detail with a little simple maths which can be used to determine how to power your latest LED creation.

  • Simple LED Cube – Part 1

    Simple LED Cube – Part 1

    Recently, despite having dozens of other interests and things to do, I’ve been finding myself getting into electronics. I don’t suppose this will become an all consuming passion but I’d like to get to the point where I can build and analyze a simple circuit. Ever since I was at school (which was a long…

  • Belt Sander – First Rotation

    Belt Sander – First Rotation

    One of the most worrying aspects of this machine build is that it’s been essentially impossible to tell if it will work until it’s all but complete. The only major piece of functionality that I didn’t absolutely have to fit before having a trial run was the tracking system. I have, however, finally got to…

  • Belt Sander – Motor Mounting

    Belt Sander – Motor Mounting

    Fitting the motor posed some interesting problems since I had completely neglected to design in any way of getting to the feet to insert bolts. Fitting a carriage to the motor which could be more easily attached was clearly out as I had only a few millimetres of clearance above the motor so it was…

  • Belt Sander – Motor Wiring

    Belt Sander – Motor Wiring

    With the pulley mounted to the driven shaft I moved onto the motor. The first thing to do was to fit the pulley to the shaft. The taper bush required a little encouragement to get it started on the shaft in the form of a few light taps with a wooden mallet. Once on it…

  • Belt Sander – Main Shaft

    Belt Sander – Main Shaft

    Now that the idler stock is complete I moved onto the drive shaft. I learnt a lot of lessons about make the roller from making the one for the idler stock and I managed to ignore most of them. The driven roller isn’t quite as crowned as the idler roller partly by design and partly…

  • Belt Sander – Rollers

    Belt Sander – Rollers

    Ironically the rollers, which I thought would be quite simple, turned out to be fairly difficult to get right. The problem I faced was similar to the problem I faced with the tensioning system – the bar or perhaps my drill bit didn’t seem to be quite the right size. Unlike with the tensioning system…

  • Belt Sander – Tensioning System

    Belt Sander – Tensioning System

    Of all the parts of this project the one that probably caused me the most trouble was the tensioning and tracking system. It’s not strictly necessary for the two features to be built as one piece, you could tension the drive wheel and track the idle wheel but I felt it made sense for them…