Belt Sander – Case Construction

Now that the parts are all cut out it’s time to get started on building the case. I actually started making the idler carriage first but I’m presenting the case construction first as that seems more logical.


I used 32mm drywall screws to connect all the parts together. I would have preferred 40mm screws but I didn’t have any to hand. I fluffed the first bit of construction because I didn’t drill pilot holes (and I screwed a piece in upside down) which caused the component to split. I found that a 2mm pilot was sufficient to stop the MDF splitting as long as it was 25mm from a corner. A 2.5mm pilot would be better but ScrewFix unsurprisingly didn’t have any 2.5mm drill bits in stock – they never seem to have anything in stock any more.


You can see here that I actually built the idler carriage and inserted the bearings already. I built the idler first to assure myself that I was going to be able to complete the project.


This just shows a couple of additional pieces fitted for the driven axle.


Here you can see the pieces for the tensioning assembly in place. I don’t think they are actually screwed into place in this photo but they are in their correct positions. Except for the platen This is all the parts in place.