Wyvern – Mounting Plates – Day 8

I was reading this build thread yesterday realised I was trying to rush this project and that something was going to go wrong if I didn’t slow down, do a bit more homework and spend longer on the design. I really wanted to get this done in the time I have off but it looks like that was more than a little optimistic, perhaps it will be ready for the end of next year!

As I’ve now got a lot more time I’m going to seriously consider using 2010 screws rather than 2510. They have a high enough critical speed but at the same time a smaller diameter and therefore require less power. If I got with powerful Nema 23 motors I think the price of the 2010’s from the alternative supplier will be offset by the saving of smaller motors. but I should get slightly better acceleration would be nice to have. I have to admit I hadn’t realised how big the 34 motors were until I imported one into the model. It’s a chunky bit of kit compared to the 23 package.

The motor housing has been dropped to 15mm plate. It already has a cut out to allow better shaft protrusion but I’ve realized I’ll need to slot the cut out and mounting holes to provide tension capability.Based on advice I’ve moved the screw up to be level with the rail as well as increased the plate to 10mm.

I think the frame design is pretty sound so I’ll aim to get that built over Christmas (I’ve got to build something or I’ll go stir crazy) and then work on the rest of the design in parallel.