Owned and Picked Locks

Below is a table of the locks I own and, if I’ve picked them, a date when I first picked it. I started picking Christmas 2022 so you can see how long it takes to learn the skill. I’ve organised the list by belt colour based on the ranking found at the lockpicking sub on Reddit. In order to earn the higher belts it is necessary to submit video evidence hence the video links.

I’ve tried to include where I got the locks from as it’s time consuming to find locks that are both available to buy and on the ranked list – the exact model is often important. All prices are in pounds sterling.


The belt given here is my estimate. I don’t know what I’m doing though so take it with a pinch of salt.

LockPricePickedVideoApprox. Belt
Toolstation generic 40mm laminated lock. Probably a Tri-Circle Q402.982022-12-29PhotosYellow / Orange
Toolstation generic 50mm laminated lock. Probably a Tri-Circle Q50 but only seems to have 4 pins. Damaged4.482022-12-29PhotosYellow / Orange
Toolstation Squire long shackle. Probably a Squire LN4/2.5 but it’s unmarked5.982022-12-27PhotosYellow
Yale Y220/51. I bought a KA pair a while ago and don’t remember the price0Green based on Yale 210C/51
Yale YE1/4002024-04-18PhotosYellow

White Belt

Acrylic padlock02022-12-25
Acrylic Euro lock. Keyed differently on each side02022-12-25
Acrylic rim cylinder02022-12-25

Yellow Belt

Master Lock 9140EURBBLK. Toolstation. Sold as the Master Lock 141D in the US5.882022-12-27Photos

Orange Belt

Abus 65/40 Padlock. Amazon10.732024-04-21Photos
Master Lock 150EURD. Amazon. Same as the Master Lock 150 in the US10.702022-12-31Photos
Abus Titalium 64TI/5052024-05-02Photos

Green Belt

Burg Wächter Karat 217/40. Amazon12.752024-04-21Photos
ABUS 72/40. Amazon16.762023-01-18Video
Gege AP1000 – #1 brass, 55mm, snapped0Photos
Gege AP1000 – #2 brass, 50mm, snapped0Photos
Gege AP1000 – #3 nickel, 55mm, snapped0Photos
Abus Titalium 80TI/455Photos
Abus Titalium 80TI/505Photos

Blue Belt

Abus E20 Nickel Plate Half Cylinder0

Purple Belt


Brown Belt


Red Belt


Black Belt